Sunday, May 25, 2008

Scream For Me By Karen Rose

I love all of Karen Rose's books, I think she's a wonderful writer. I liked this book very much. Who doesn't like a book that has murder, love and family secrets. The main characters Alex Fallon and Special Agent Daniel Vartanian come from backgrounds that would make ours look like tiptoeing through the tulips.
When killings of women start in their old hometown and a connection is found to both, they are drawn back to there.
Alex's step sister, Bailey, goes missing and Alex thinks she might be a victim also. With all the secrets and killings going on in Dutton, Georgia, I'd stay away from that town if I were you.
Now I have to admit there alot of names and sub plots to keep track of , but hang in there it's still a good read.
And I'd recommend you read all her books.

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