Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Staff Picks Spotlight- Melissa A.


 Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
A wonderful fast pace and intense novel. This book is both for the science fiction and suspense fiction fans out there. Those who are interested in alternate world and reality changing stories should pick this novel up. It was unexpected and completely captivating until the end. I really enjoyed this book.

This is one of those books that is great at captivating and tricking the reader in to reading about a subject that many are not interested in, PHYSICS. From not knowing much about physics, this book was a great introduction not only in to the field, but the history and development of the science. It led into what really is quantum physics and not just this grand idea of what it is. It was really engaging and when reading the book you can feel and start to understand Rovelli's excitement and enthusiasm for the subject. This was definitely one of those unexpected but wonderful finds. 

I never read a manga like this before. The art style and story are so captivating. This story is wonderful and the art style of the manga flows so well. The only down side to this manga is having to wait for the next volume to publish. I recommend this for those who never read manga or who wants to read something that is a bit different.