Tuesday, April 24, 2018

OCFPL Book Club- April Pick

Thank You For Your Service by David Finkel

This month we read Thank You For Your Service by David Finkel, our only non-fiction book pick, is an emotional and eye opening narrative about the soldiers sent to war and the challenges they, and their families, face when returning to the home front. Everyone featured in the book has been touched by the wounds of war, whether physical or mental, and how they manage life when everything has changed by death or survival in war. These are the personal storied that follow members of a battalion the months and years after their last deployment and their journey through the bureaucracy of getting the help they need.  

We had a lively discussion about the book, we had a veteran share his view and personal experiences, shared stories about our own families who served, and how we felt about this book and the issues it addressed. 

Check out a copy here and learn more about our soldiers.    

May’s book choice is Jurassic Park : a novel  by Michael Crichton. We will meet on May 15th in RM N111 at 6pm.