Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Invisible Planets

This book is great for those who love short stories and science fiction. Invisible Planets is a great book to pick up when one wants to escape into the realm of science fiction. Written by Chinese authors and translated into English there is something unique with these stories. Included are essays from Chinese and science fiction scholars including the authors explaining how there is this genre of science fiction that is not only under the radar but  how this anthology is showcasing the uniqueness of the writings and giving us the reader just a glimpse into something buried. 

I enjoyed the book and can not pick a favorite story. Each one had some element that I would not have thought about. From ghosts, robots, genetic mutations, to time distortion, that are many elements that were captivating. If you want to get lost in a book, this is a good choice.

Pick up Invisible Planets today at The Ocean City Free Public Library