Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Moviegoer by Walker Percy

My synopsis: In this novel, we watch as characters evolve (some may argue they devolve) independent of physical location but in direct relation to their quest for the meaning of life during a certain time period. In The Moviegoer, the main character, Binx, appears to live a life driven by money, lust and a constant running from past memories. While Binx searches out truth, amidst the shadows of modern everydayness, he finds solace in his moviegoing. A book most anyone can relate to ~ Who doesn’t sit down to a movie at one time or another to escape?

A local book club member noted how she felt about this book, “I didn’t feel like I was invited into the book.” Well blog readers, please consider yourself invited in and my guest.

At first, I read this novel and found it rather sad. Then, I explored the hundreds of resources at OCFPL. From the comfort of your home, I suggest you utilize the online resources @ I guarantee you will find information that makes you feel welcomed within the pages of this and other novels. With such resources one will uncover opinions, truths and/or hidden intentions of the novel. Article by article, I gained appreciation for the author and his writing. This leads to my database of the month:

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