Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Irene By Jan Burke

I will admit as much as I love reading, I have never been able to sit and read books that are considered classics or "real" literature. In my opinion those books are for required reading in school.
I started reading this book because, honestly I had nothing else to read. This is the time I wait for the summer books from my favorite authors. But I was pleasantly surprised when I read this book. " Dear Irene" is the third installment of a series about Irene Kelly, an investigating reporter on a newspaper.
When Ms. Kelly starts receiving threatening letters and phone calls from someone calling themselves " Thanatos" she's only a little concerned, after all reporters are always getting this from weirdos. The name means " death" in ancient Greek. As the murders start happening she sees this is no ordinary nut and the letters and calls are connected to them.
Irene is now determined to find this killer before she or anyone else is hurt. Helping her is her fiance homicide detective Frank Harriman. Which is a problem because, cops and reporters don't usually get along.
Irene Kelly is the kind of person I'd like in real life brave, stubborn, honest and smart.
I liked the book but, I admit usually I like a more blood and guts book, but still a good read.

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